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By | 5 May, 2020 | 0 comments

After 45 days operation as a Health Hotel welcoming mild patients from COVID-19 coming from Hospital del Mar, we have carried out an exhaustive 48-hour disinfection of all our facilities under the supervision of the Health Department of the Government of Catalonia. Subsequently, all the corresponding analyzes have been carried out to certify that the disinfection process has been correct and our hotel has been totally cleaned and safe.


Check here the complete performance reports:


PT-2020-4447_1T-DES_EHD CONSULTORIA EUROPA – Hotel Princess

PT-2020-4478_2T-DES_EHD CONSULTORIA EUROPA – Hotel Princess

INF – EHDEUROPA Hotel Princess


Furthermore, we are developing strict security measures and new protocols that will allow us to offer a service with the maximum guarantees. Entities that advise us and endorse our procedures in the current health emergency:





– ICTE Instituto de calidad turística española

– ITH Instituto técnico hotelero

– CEHAT Confederación española de hoteles y alojamientos turísticos




– Temperature control elements at the hotel entrances.

– Control, renovation and disinfection of the hotel air circuit

– Disinfection of workplaces and access areas for clients and workers

– Distribution to staff and in community areas of personal disinfection items



– An initial review will be carried out with GESEME and the protocols established will be followed



All the actions will be documented in order to guarantee the correct application. The cleaning and disinfection procedures will be recorded. Several actions will be taken to control by technical means the disinfection of the climate systems, air renewal, AFS and ACS, as well as the access of internal and external personnel and goods entrance.



The measures taken as well as the safety instructions will be communicated by different means to both clients and workers.


Individual protection measures:

– Masks

– Gloves

– Disinfectant cleaning gel 


Collective protection measures:

– Disinfection of open passageways and common areas

– Disinfection of rooms after every guest departure

– Continuous disinfection of elevator cabins and other items that are handled regularly by different users

– Installation of protection screens at critical points

– Adaptation of the buffet breakfast service 

– Gastronomic offer adapted in bars and restaurants

– Minibars  out of service in all rooms

– Rigorous compliance with the safety distances established in all areas.

– Signpost steps in waiting areas to keep distances

– Regulate the use of changing rooms, offices and staff dining area

– Regulate the use of elevators with new capacity signage

– Establish new capacity with informative signs

– Extreme cleaning in risk areas, especially toilets


Access control:

– Control and register staff temperature before entering the hotel.

– External personnel access restricted to essential activities only

– Unloading goods at the dock by the hotel staff and proceeding to disinfection prior to being transferred to final destination in the hotel.

– Control and register guests temperature before entering the hotel.  


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